If you are looking for a restaurant in Mantua, ours is surrounded by the wonderful Mincio Park, only a stone’s throw away from the city. It is situated in the captivating environment of an old and elegant country estate, typical of the rural traditions of the Padania region, highlighting its original style and beautiful name.

Our restaurant combines the essence of the pristine and lush surrounding countryside with the comfort of state-of-the-art amenities and stylish interiors.

The menu helps you delve into Mantovana traditions, focusing on innovation and popular flavors. The dishes are carefully chosen to be balanced and create a refined, masterly eno-gastronomic journey. The wine menu is constantly updated to please the savviest palates and them along a well-rounded tasting experience.

This is a place where taste, smell, sight and hearing come together and enjoy the utmost attention to detail. Our price/quality ratio always leaves our guests pleasantly surprised.

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